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Sort Pictures 2007 Q4

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Sort Pictures is a lightweight and easy-to-use Windows program to help you find, sort and organize your photos fast. The program helps you to find photos no matter where they are located in your computer.

Sort Pictures searches for photos to organize on your hard drive, portable hard disks, flash drives, CDs or DVDs and even in archived files. It will sort your photos automatically.

Organize your photos according to your preference: by creation date, file size, dimensions, file format, camera model or basically any other way you want.

Now it is easier to rename photos and organize them so you know where the photos from your epic weekend party are located. Sort Pictures recognizes a wide range of image file types, including .

jpg, . jpeg, . bmp, . gif, . tiff, . png, . tga, and . psd, among others. This program is ideal for everyone who wants to keep their photo library organized.

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Sort Pictures


Sort Pictures 2007 Q4

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